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Water purification and treatment

Realization and maintenance of water treatment plants

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Water treatment systems

Our company designs and manufactures purification, filtering and water treatment systems.

We have been operating for decades in the water purification and treatment sector, for a healthier environment and for protection of the territory.

We improve the environment and the territory by creating new pipelines, reducing the contamination present in waterways and seas and provide plant maintenance services.

Swimming pools cosntruction

We also create swimming pools of all sizes and for any need, also carrying out ongoing maintenance.

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Water filtration for a healthier environment

filtration, purification and water treatment services

We have been in this field for decades, providing an important and careful water purification service, including first rain, through the construction of water purification and potable water treatment plants of which we treat every single fragment, from filters and pipelines to electric pumps and lifting plants.

Construction of public and private swimming pools

Construction and realization of public and private swimming pools

We build and maintain public and private swimming pools of all kinds and grades.

We are able to build swimming pools for small homes or high-end systems for sports and to ensure their ongoing maintenance.

Our swimming pools allow our clients to enjoy every possible comfort during all seasons of the year.

Environmental protection

Water filtration services for environmental protection

Our work focuses on the health and sustainability of the environment implemented through the filtering of pollutants in water.

Moreover, filtration allows us to exponentially reduce environmental contamination present in waterways and seas, without which there would be problems in all kinds of context.

With our water filtration, purification and treatment works, we ensure an important protection service towards the territory as well as great care and dedication also aimed at improving general health standards.

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sector icon Water purification and treatment

Realizations Water purification and treatment

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sector icon Water purification and treatment

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