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Technological systems

Realization of computer networks, automation, video surveillance and more

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Electrical systems, data networks, home automation and other technological systems

We create all types of technological systems, starting from the basic electrical system, passing from data networks to video surveillance systems, home automation and automation.

All of this for every need: from the installation of data networks or home automation systems for private homes or offices and companies up to the cabling with optical fiber entire cities and areas. We have skills, experience and means to build any type of technological system.

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Experience and expertise in the field of technological installations

Over the years of its long operation, our company has acquired the experience and mastery to design and implement complex technological systems that comply with current regulatory requirements to offer a safe and reliable service.

Design and implementation of technological systems of all kinds

Design and implementation of technological systems of all kinds

Electrical panels, data networks, home automation, automation…

…starting with the Electrical distribution boards of our own production, which are the very heart of any electrical system, we provide support for all implant requirements, from private to public works, such as public lighting systems, civil electrical systems, and electrical transformer substations in order to ensure an always efficient electrical distribution system.

We offer a wide variety of services in the field of technological systems, also touching the competence areas for the supply, installation and maintenance of generator sets and various industrial systems of different types, passing through data network management and fiber optic implantation to ensure continuous, fast and efficient data passage. Proceeding with the implantation, and also in this case the eventual maintenance, of surveillance systems, such as intrusion alarms and cameras of various kinds, to be able to enable you to protect your security and video surveillance of any desired environment.

Some of the types of technological systems we make:

realization of civil and industrial electrical installations
Switchboards and electrical systems

We realize ready-made installations in the medium and low voltage sectors. Careful engineering and planning allows us to follow implant revamps while minimizing downtime.

At our workshop, electrical panels are built directly and then mounted on the implant, for a high quality standard of the final product.

Our professional quality requirements allow us to be part of SYSTEM CLUB PLUS SCHNEIDER.

realization of home and office automation

In order to enable additional functionality and maximum convenience we provide and install automation of all kinds and for every needs.

For example, we make automations for gates and doors, for lighting systems, for heating and cooling, and for many other applications.

Our automation systems make use of the latest security technologies.

Burglar alarm systems

We install and repair all kinds of equipment aimed at personal and home security, between alarm systems and innovative burglar alarm technologies we guarantee a useful service carried out with maximum efficiency.

Video surveillance and access control

We implement both for individuals and companies video surveillance and access control systems that provide additional implementation to the basic security system, so as to exponentially expand the security of any building.

Fire detection and extinguishing systems
installation of fire detection systems

With our fire detection and fire extinguishing systems, we ensure safety and prevention regarding the issue of fire or other possible disastrous dynamics.

Structured cabling systems (data networks)
realizations of structured cabling system with fiber optics

By structured cabling systems we are concerned with those network systems that allow the passage of data network and ensure the passage of various information flows even of various distances.

Fiber optic connections

We have been dealing with the fiber optic industry for a long time to ensure consistently high speeds and stability of navigation, enabling more advanced and efficient management of continuous data streams.

realization of technological systems

We create and manage networks of contacts regarding the professional field with the aim of always being able to be in contact with more and more entities dealing with fields related to our interests.

Wireless systems
wireless installation realization

We provide services regarding connections between multiple devices, even those without wiring systems by taking care of all wave connection systems ourselves with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Home Automation
implementation of home automation systems

We aim to exploit and expand the possibilities of the home in every possible way through the application of various kinds of technological systems that will increase convenience and functionality.

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