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Energy efficiency

Construction of systems for the production of electricity from renewable sources

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Construction of photovoltaic, wind and biomass systems

We build photovoltaic, wind, biomass and other types of systems for energy efficiency for individuals, companies and public administrations.

We only use certified and high quality components for the construction of our energy efficiency systems; thanks to our experience and to the use of these components, our systems have a very long life and require little maintenance, allowing the amortization of costs in less time.

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Construction of facilities for the production of energy from renewable sources

Energy efficiency services and products: we provide services and build systems for the production of electricity from renewable sources, such as that solar, wind and by biomass, in line with new environmental models based on environmentally sustainable technologies and with the aim of being able to make the most of, again in terms of environmental protection, the resources provided to us by nature Zeroing out or reducing energy waste rates as much as possible and optimizing as best we can the clean sources on our planet.

Types of energy efficiency installations

Our company makes a wide variety of energy efficiency installations: below you will find some of the types of energy efficiency installations we make.

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Photovoltaic systems

realizzazione impianti fotovoltaici per privati e aziende

We realize photovoltaic systems for private homes, businesses and public administrations.

Photovoltaic systems allowenergy autonomy by covering much of the consumption and producing clean energy so as to reduce pollution and waste of resources.

We realize rooftop, ground and vertical photovoltaic systems.

Our latest generation photovoltaic systems have a long service life and require little maintenance. Moreover, the initial investment is recovered in a short time due to energy autonomy.

Solar thermal systems

realization solar thermal systems

We realize and install customized solar thermal systems for every need, from individual homes to entire buildings and residential areas, hospitality structures, sports implants, small and large businesses, and other more complex scenarios.

Solar thermal power generation systems allowthe use of solar energy to produce domestic hot water and to heat homes and/or offices.

With a solar thermal power generation system, the use of methane gas harmful to the environment can be avoided, as well as naturally achieving significant savings on utility bills.

Wind power plants

realization of wind power plants

Wind power plants are able to convert the inexhaustible energy of wind into electricity.

We build wind and mini wind power plants, both large-scale and small-scale. We build entire wind farms for industrial use but also mini-wind power plants that are able to meet the energy needs of one or more homes or offices.

Cogeneration systems

sprovieri implementation of cogeneration plants

We make cogeneration systems for companies and industries.

Cogeneration systems are still today the most reliable and high-performance solution for large companies and industries. Combined heat and power (CHP) plants produce electricity and heat from natural gas and save up to 40 percent on energy costs.

Biomass systems

realization of biomass plants of any size for individuals and companies

Our company builds both small (e.g., for individual houses) and large biomass plants.

Biomass systems use low-cost waste materials such as residues from agricultural and forestry activities (as well as many other types of materials) to produce electricity and heat, thus reducing pollution by not using fossil fuels.

Sustainable home automation

realization of sustainable home automation systems

Our field of expertise in energy efficiency also expands to include high-efficiency heat pumps and home automation aimed at containing energy consumption.

Thanks to our solutions, it is possible to implement home automation systems for your home using sustainable and clean energy.

For more information about the home automation systems we can implement, visit our technology systems page.

Experience, quality and efficiency of energy systems

Our company has been building solarthermal and photovoltaic systems, Wind and Cogeneration inplants for years, using only and exclusively certified, efficient and excellent quality components.

Energy systems from A to Z for individuals, companies, industries and public administrations.

construction of wind and photovoltaic farms

We build energy efficiency systems of all sizes: from small solar thermal systems installed on the roof of a private home up to large wind and photovoltaic farms.

Moreover, we provide to our clients – whether individuals, companies or public administrations – a complete service according to the following steps:

  • Inspection and Technical-Economic Feasibility Study
  • Execution of bureaucratic procedures
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Support and maintenance.

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