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Air conditioning

Air conditioning systems for individuals and businesses

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Tailor-made air conditioning systems

We create air conditioning systems of all sizes and power for individuals and companies, from individual apartments to large structures with large centralized systems.

We are FGas certified and we use only the most innovative technologies and the best products available on the market.

Our air conditioning systems always pay attention to sustainability and the environment.

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Improve quality of life with a good air conditioning system

Implementation of air conditioning systems for civil and industrial use

A good air conditioning system allows you to improve the quality of your life, creating environmental conditions of well-being and comfort, paying attention to the health of people, who spend most of their days indoors.

More pleasant environments and better conditions at home or at office

Installing an air conditioning system in your home or workplace will make your environment more pleasant during periods with hostile temperatures that may hinder or slow down the activity you are doing.

We realize all kinds of air conditioning systems

We provide all kinds of services about air conditioning: from installation of air conditioners, heating systems with radiators as far as floor systems and industrial-type ventilation. We also provide for maintenance of system we realize.

FGAS Certification

Our company, which has been in the air conditioning industry for years, has FGAS (requirements and competencies for handling and reducing HFC gas emissions) certification.

For more information about our certifications you can visit the section dedicated to all the certifications achieved by our company.

For more information on Gas certification you can also visit the official Fgas website by clicking on this link.

The best technologies and products in the industry

implementation of centralized air conditioning systems

We have always selected the best products and technologies available on the market: from monosplits, multisplits, centralized, hydronic, up to ducted systems for large distributions, optimizing them for the most diversified destination, whether civil, industrial or commercial, single user or centralized users.

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