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We use Matra products for the implementation of water purification and treatment works, and photovoltaic systems

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We have always worked with only the best partners and suppliers to ensure quality and safety in the work we do.

For these reasons, Sprovieri S.r.l. chooses the products offered by Matra.

Our company uses pumps and inverters manufactured by Matra for water purification and treatment works, and photovoltaic systems.

The Matra company, which has been present in national and international markets for more than 50 years, operates in the field of construction and distribution of pumps and electric pumps for lifting and pressurizing water. Manufactures surface machines, submersible and submersible electric pumps, pressure booster sets for civil and firefighting use, and pumps for hot water circulation, sanitary and air conditioning.

In order to always produce cutting-edge solutions that can optimize the management of energy resources, Matra also produces a wide range of high-tech inverters.

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