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Cassa Edile Awards 2021

Our company was awarded with the prestigious Cassa Edile Awards 2021

Article imageCassa Edile Awards 2021

We are pleased to announce that our company has emerged as the winner of the prestigious Cassa Edile Awards 2021 stamp.

This award is given to virtuous companies for “hard work,” “correct compliance,” “combating unfair competition,” and “compliance with rules and national collective agreements.”

In fact, as the statement from Cassa Edile Awards reads:


we are pleased to inform you that your company has emerged as the winner of our Building Fund Stamp Awards 2021

The recognition bestowed on you is the thanks of the bilateral system and the Cassa Edile or Edilcassa, which flagged your name for your efforts as well as a tangible sign of compliance and correctness of fulfillment.

The goal of this prestigious award is to enhance companies that fight unfair competition by distinguishing themselves by respecting the rules and national collective agreements.

The Cassa Edile Awards project

Conceived by the Cassa Edile of Bari, this project was created to create an ethical system. In fact, being registered with building funds is synonymous with legality, because building funds guarantee opportunities and guarantees for companies and workers.

The first edition of the awards was held in Bari in 2019, while subsequent editions will alternate between Bari and Bologna.

The awards recognize companies and workers who stand out for their virtuous behavior.

For more information you can also visit the official website of Edilcassa by clicking on this link.

Sprovieri S.r.l. among Edilcassa’s virtuous companies of 2021

construction fund stamp awards 2021 for sprovieri s.r.l.

We are proud to belong to this community of virtuous companies that distinguish themselves through their commitment to their work, and we are honored that Cassa Edile Awards has recognized our commitment and efforts by giving us this important and prestigious award.

Find more information about the award given to our company in the certifications section.

This recognition once again demonstrates that our company is always striving for improvement and excellence.

This award also demonstrates our commitment to the workers, our workers and employees to whom we provide maximum protection and constant opportunities for growth.

We thank Edilcassa for the important recognition bestowed upon us, recognition that motivates us to strive to improve ourselves more and more.

Constantly improving is what we have always done and always will do, because constantly improving is in our DNA.

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