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Urban regeneration, redevelopment and requalification

We carry out and execute urban regeneration, redevelopment and rehabilitation programs for municipalities and public administrations

Article imageUrban regeneration, redevelopment and requalification

Our company specializes in urban renewal and regeneration programs. The term “urban rehabilitation” usually refers to a wide range of processes whose purpose is the rehabilitation and enhancement of existing spaces or structures, usually in a state of decay or abandonment.

For us, urban rehabilitation and regeneration is about preserving and enhancing environmental elements and buildings for optimal enjoyment, creating human-scale and sustainable spaces.

Land redevelopment through urban renewal works

Redeveloping abandoned and unused spaces by renovating or transforming them to give them new life; this is our company’s goal in projects to rehabilitate decaying urban areas.

Sustainable and people-friendly cities

We give the cities and urban areas involved a whole new look, enhancing them with state-of-the-art infrastructure and services from the perspective of sustainability.

urban recovery bike lanes

In every urban agglomeration, of any size, there are areas in a state of decay and neglect; we redesign and recover these areas by totally rethinking them and transforming them into social gathering spaces such as squares, parks, bike paths and other types of spaces and facilities that improve the quality of social and environmental life.

urban rehabilitation parks and boulevards

We enable communities to reappropriate spaces that are no longer used, making them sustainable and human-scale, improving them in all respects, from economic to social and environmental, allowing citizens to experience and enjoy these previously unused areas.

sports facilities urban recovery

Sports facilities and recreational areas in the heart of cities

For example, one of the best ways to redevelop urban spaces is to transform spaces that are no longer used into sports facilities available to the community, sports spaces that become places of social integration.

Urban renewal plans

urban renewal plans

Our company carries out comprehensive urban recovery and regeneration plans for cities, municipalities and public administrations, from documentation gathering to infrastructure implementation.

Our multi-sector company can employ architects, engineers, partners, machines and state-of-the-art technologies to carry out any urban rehabilitation and regeneration plan.

In addition, our company uses only eco-sustainable raw materials and components in its achievements, as well as using partners and suppliers who are certified in their commitment to sustainability policies. For more information you can read the article on green procurement practices adopted by our company.

Urban regeneration plans with Enel X

Our company is a partner of Enel X: we have several qualifications with the Enel Group for which we are official suppliers.

Enel X focuses heavily on urban regeneration: Sprovieri S.r.l. through Enel X carries out comprehensive urban regeneration plans. For more information on Enel X’s urban regeneration plans you can read the official article on the site by clicking on this link.

What we can do to improve your city

Improving cities with urban regeneration

We can carry out various interventions to improve the quality of your city: implementation and enhancement of decaying or abandoned spaces through the construction of new infrastructure or rehabilitation of existing infrastructure; better management of environmental resources, construction of new social gathering spaces, upgrading of roads and buildings, and many other types of works and services.

More information on urban renewal and regeneration

If you would like more information about how we carry out our urban rehabilitation, regeneration and redevelopment projects, please contact us through the form below: we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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