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Green procurement – sustainable supply chain

Our company adopts green procurement practices, using suppliers who observe principles of sustainability and green economy

Article imageGreen procurement – sustainable supply chain

Our company, in line with our sustainability principles, adopts Green Procurement strategies.

Green procurement is about having sustainable supply chains for greater environmental friendliness.

We inquire about the provenance of the raw materials and products we use to offer our services, and we ensure that our suppliers respect the principles of sustainability that underpin our company.

Selection of partners and suppliers based on sustainability policies

All our partners and suppliers are chosen based on strict criteria regarding resource use: for example, we prefer companies that use renewable or recyclable materials or otherwise operate by adopting green policies in accordance with environmental laws, permits and regulations.

We also choose suppliers for process management who have certificates attesting to proper environmental management.

Green procurement to have less impact on the environment

By adopting green procurement practices, we can have less impact on the environment and create a circular economy based on sustainability.

To see a list of our partners and suppliers you can see the dedicated page within our website by clicking on this link.

More information on green procurement

To learn more about green procurement you can read this article on the circularity website.

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