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A summer of sports with Sprovieri

Summer 2022 was full of sports events sponsored by our company

Article imageA summer of sports with Sprovieri

Summer 2022 was all about sports with Sprovieri.

In fact, also for the summer of 2022 our company has sponsored several sports events in cooperation with the Corigliano Sporting Club.

Our company firmly believes in the values of sports. That is why we sponsor various sports events every year, such as tennis tournaments, soccer tournaments and other types of sports.

Tennis and padel tournaments in Sprovieri’s signature sports summer

For the summer of 2022, we were also no less; for example, among others, the 38th edition of the now traditional tennis tournament named after our company of which we are the main sponsor and the “La Casa de Padel” padel tournament was held.

Large attendance at events

The sports events we have patronized or sponsored have been well attended, a sign that sports and its values still have a strong appeal to all segments of the population.

See you again next summer with Sprovieri-branded sporting events

Now that summer 2022 has come to an end, we can sum up conclusions and be more than satisfied with the sporting events that have been carried out or to which we have contributed.

We are already thinking about and organizing next summer’s sports events so that we can organize an even richer sports season.

Then again, this is also the philosophy of our company: to always grow and do better.

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