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Nonexistent company at our google maps location

We have received some reports of a nonexistent company using our location and photos on google maps.

Article imageNonexistent company at our google maps location

In recent weeks some people have came at our office looking for a phantom company marked on google maps in our location.

This happened several times, so we decided to do some verification and found out that indeed that company uses a location on google maps that coincides with the headquarters of Sprovieri S.r.l. and even uses some photos of our structure passing them off as their own.

We have, of course, reported this to the appropriate authorities and are awaiting word from law enforcement.

We have also reported the problem to the google maps team and are waiting for feedback from them as well.

In the meantime, please be wary of information found on google maps until we receive confirmation that the problem has been resolved.

The name of the company in question is “QR Machinery MB.” This company does not exist in the Corigliano-Rossano industrial area.

The correct map of our location can be found on the page where we are on our website, where this phantom company does not appear.

The company QR Machinery MB does not appear on google maps even by searching for “Sprovieri S.r.l.” or “Corigliano-Rossano Sector 3 Industrial Zone,” but it appears in our location by searching directly for“QR Machinery MB.”

Beware of possible scams.

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