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The certainty of having a company always by your side

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SPROVIERI S.r.l. is a company operating in sustainable construction, electrical systems, technology, photovoltaic systems and water purification and treatment.

All of this always made with focus on the environment and sustainability.

By your side since 1956

Our company was founded in 1956 in Corigliano Calabro (CS) as a small electromechanical workshop and since then has been operating with quality professionalism and courtesy, and thanks to these characteristics that distinguish us we have arrived until today to be one of the most competitive companies in the area.

Throughout all these years, SPROVIERI S.r.l. has always been an industry leader, using the most advanced technologies that allowed us to offer customers the best product at the lowest possible price.

The company has also been active in public works for several years, having obtained SOA attestation and ISO 9001/2015 certification.

To see our company’s certifications visit our certifications page.

The search for new and valid alternatives in the field of plant engineering nowadays is an indispensable necessity in order to achieve an integrated, functional and modern way the technological installations serving various needs.

For this reason, SPROVIERI S.r.l. presents itself as a company capable of competently, quickly and comprehensively solving all problems related to their implementation, thanks to the professionalism and experience of its employees, who are able to suggest appropriate solutions of real technical-economic advantage.

Present throughout Italy and even abroad

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SPROVIERI S.r.l. has a nationwide presence with employees and vehicles thus being able to operate in a quick and timely manner.

We also operate abroad. Contact us through this page to find out if we can provide our services at your location.

Finding solutions is our job

Adequate technical and safety training are necessary conditions for efficient and superior quality service. By these considerations rise the desire of SPROVIERI S.r.l.’s to focus on the continuous updating of its resources, making use of a highly qualified internal/external lecturers team to carry out technical/professional training courses.


The staff of Sprovieri S.r.l. constantly keeps abreast of new technologies in all the sectors in which it operates

Adequate technical and safety training are necessary conditions for efficient and quality-superior service.

These considerations gave rise to SPROVIERI S.r.l.’s desire to aim for the continuous updating of its resources, making use of a team of highly qualified internal/external teachers to carry out technical/professional training courses.

Products and technologies

Sprovieri S.r.l. uses premium materials for its sustainable energy systems

SPROVIERI S.r.l. pays great attention to the equipment and products he used, as the selection and use of suitable technologies plays an important role in the success of the provided services.

The materials used by SPROVIERI S.r.l. are made by certified companies who are leaders in their sector.

Our numbers

Our numbers

We have over 60 years of business, realized over 300 projects, obtained the best certifications and we are always ready for new challenges.

  • over 60 years of activity

  • over 3000 realizations

  • 12 certifications

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Fields of activity

Realization of sustainable building works, electrical, technological, photovoltaic and water purification and treatment systems

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Partners and suppliers

Our company uses the best partners and suppliers for each business sector in which it operates

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Companies, individuals, municipalities, public administrations. We provide comprehensive and efficient solutions for all types of clients.

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